27 Feb

Laptops for Personal Use

If you are looking forward to buy a laptop for your personal use, then we would suggest you to keep the following things in mind:
Hard drive/hard disk with the capacity of 500GB to 2TB is sufficient for thousands of songs/images and hundreds movies.
Computer takes the information from hard drive and stores it in its RAM. So having more RAM will allow you to open more applications simultaneously without slowing down the computer.
i3 processors are more than enough for personal use who would not run more than 2 to 4 applications.
The heaviest component of a laptop is battery and their advantage is long lasting. If you don’t have to travel more along with your laptop then heavier laptops with long lasting battery is more efficient.
If you need a laptop only for entertainment purpose then you have an option to extend the size of a screen till 17 inches and screen resolution till 1600×1200.
1.3 megapixels of camera resolution is fine for frequent video recording and video conference.